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Made in the same way and, above all, with the same love that our grandparents did. Undoubtedly, the Canary Islands is a paradise for cheese lovers and, our modest shop, a small museum of the best cheeses on the island.

Among all the cheeses, we highlight our flagship cheese, the Flor de Guía.

This variety of cheese is one of the best that the Canary Islands have to offer. Production is limited to three municipalities in the northwest of Gran Canaria: Galdar, Moya and Santa María de Guía.

It is pale yellow and is made with a mixture of cow and sheep milk. Its crust is whitish yellow and the interior is compact, but with small spaces produced during fermentation. It is oily or very oily, its cylindrical shape is quite flat, with rounded edges and stripes on the faces.

It is medium in size with a weight of more than two kilos. It has a butter flavor and melts easily. Completely handmade, it uses vegetable curd obtained from thistle flower, hence its name. Dried flowers (flower, in Spanish) to coagulate milk, specifically two types of thistle that naturally grow on the island: Cynara cardunculus var. Ferocissima and Cynara scolymus, known locally as «thistle».

This characteristic is what distinguishes it from the rest of the Canarian cheeses, which use goat’s curd and goat’s or sheep’s milk. This cheese is made from Canarian sheep milk, although the protected designation of origin allows producers to include up to 40% of other types, including cow’s milk. Available in whole or semi-greased varieties,

Its texture is soft and elastic, as well as its characteristic flavor, soft but well developed, that mixes sweet and bitter components. It is usually eaten alone, although it is also used in various stews and vegetable soups.

There are three varieties of Flor de Guía:

Flor de Guía: Milk is coagulated with only the two types of thistle mentioned above.

Media Flor de Guía: «Media» meaning «half», in this variety, the clotting agent contains only 50% dried thistle.

Queso de Guía: The coagulating agent in this variety can be of vegetable or animal origin.

All three are available semi cured or cured. Whichever you choose, you will notice its distinctive creamy and bitter notes.

Served on toast, Flor de Guía cheeses are the perfect appetizer. They are also a great accompaniment for all kinds of Canarian dishes.

Queso Cortijo de Pavón

Cheese factory with a long tradition of cheese and transhumant grazing. Located in Santa María de Guía.

This cheese factory is included in the Protected Designation of Origin Queso de Flor de Guía, Queso de Media Flor de Guía y Queso de Guía.

They are made with raw milk from Canarian sheep.

Queso Del Rosario

Directed by Macarena Rosario, who took the generational change after a long tradition in her family. Located in the Plains of Agaete, in the Loin of Valerón.

All their cheeses are made with raw milk and milk mixture of two species of their own cattle, Friesian cows and majorera goats. They make cured and semi-cured cheese.

Queso Altos de Moya

Cheese factory located in the ravine of Aguas de Fontanales, in the municipality of Moya.

Their cheeses are made with cows and Canary sheep. One of the cheese factories included in the Denomination of Origin Protected Queso de Flor de Guía.

At the beginning of the year, the animals leave the Altos de Moya, where the cheese factory is located, towards Caideros, in Galdar.

El Cortijo El Montañón

Directed by Flora María Gil Mendoza and Domingo Marrero, who took over after a long tradition of cheese and transhumant grazing in their family. It is located in the Pico del Montañón, in the municipality of Gáldar.

All their cheeses are made with raw sheep’s milk, majorera goat and a mixture of both.

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Teresita Bautista
Teresita Bautista
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Frutería impecable, muy apetecible todo. Quesos de la zona muy buenos. Dependiente encantador. Da gusto comprar. La pena q me pille lejos y no tengo transporte. Enhorabuena!!!
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Nelson Vega
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Pequeña frutería de barrio. Precios muy competitivos y calidad en el servicio.
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Jorge Aguiar
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Mucha calidad en los productos y buen precio